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The NY Works Task Force brings together leading finance, labor, planning, and transportation professionals to coordinate a statewide infrastructure plan that will more effectively and strategically allocate New York's capital investment funding, creating tens of thousands of jobs.




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Riverbank State Park - Athletic Field Replacement
NYWorks - Riverbank State Park before and after

Replacing the athletic field at Riverbank State Park will allow the Park to continue serve the approximately 250,000 school, youth program, and recreational visitors per year who play football and soccer on what was a heavily-worn and deteriorated field.

Bear Mountain State Park - Replacing Water Lines
Bear Mountain State Park

Replacing old water lines at Bear Mountain State Park will ensure clean and safe drinking water for the two million visitors a year that come to enjoy the Park's zoo, pool , picnic areas, miles of trails, Merry Go Round and recently renovated Inn.

Kosciuszko Bridge Project - Cable Stayed Rendered
Kosciuszko Bridge Project- Cable Stayed Rendered

Already carrying over 200,000 vehicles per day, the new Kosciuszko bridge will make it easier and faster for businesses and New Yorkers to travel between Brooklyn and Queens on the BQE.

"A new and smarter strategy for putting New Yorkers back to work by rebuilding our aging infrastructure and helping put state's economy back on track."
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo